Anatomy of an Alligator
Anatomy of an Alligator

Kelly McMahon

Anatomy of an Alligator, 2016

Inkjet on Paper

40” x 40”


How to Create a Self-Dictating Object Based Artistic Infographic: A Step-by-Step Program


  1. Choose an object
  2. Analyze the object to deduce numerical statistics about it
  3. Utilize the scanner as a camera to capture multiple views and angles of the object
  4. Maintaining the actual size of the object, create three compositions based on the previously discovered statistics to create an artistic interpretation of an infographic about the object
  5. The size of these compositions will be determined by the first one created — The nature of the numbers and the objects will self-dictate the image size
  6. Print the composition you feel is most successful
  7. Display and light appropriately