Work from Fine Art Photography VISA A249

Spring 2016

June 1 – August 26

Closing Reception August 25, 5pm – 7pm

This exhibition investigates a plural concept of bodies rather than a singular definition. The ten photographers included in BODIES visualize bodies ranging from the human form to abstracted light forms. Despite this variety, what unifies these diverse images is the human body, whether it is explicitly implicated in the picture or whether the absence is deemed subject when the image is without. The camera allows the photographers to place themselves immediately within the environments they are shooting, creating intimacy with the subject and involving the photographers directly within the scenes depicted.


Brooke Andres
Lizzy Baker
Nick Boulet
Shariann Carlo
Asia Molezion
Lauren Stroh
Tatsiana Trevino
Maggie Vallone
Lauren Vega
Savannah Venable