We Have A Future/I Refuse To Love You
We Have A Future/I Refuse To Love You

The corner of Monroe Hall is an important place for the Loyola smoking community to gather. The popular spots around campus signify not just Loyola’s community of smokers but the collective community of all smokers.

I was a casual smoker until my closest friend suddenly gave me a harsh ultimatum after seeing one unlit cigarette in my possession. They knew about my casual smoking and did not endorse it, but previously did not stress their feelings strongly because it was occasional. I value our relationship, so when they declared that if I did not stop immediately and refuse every offer from then on, they would cleanly break off our relationship, I agreed. However, the suddenness and the degree of the ultimatum for seeing an unlit cigarette still leaves me slightly bitter because it was not my choice, but a manipulation that I was forced to agree with to sustain our friendship. I understand it is for the better and part of me loves them for it, I just wish it was my choice.

The video I created reflects my feelings surrounding that ultimatum. The composition is split in half, on the left, transparent imagery reflecting the absence of my smoking is layered upon one another with the most significant being my empty hand. The video of my empty hand has been manipulated with pink and green tinted frames of video to display Morse code. Each green frame signifies a dash, every pink frame represents a dot, and the warm colored video represents the end of a letter. It says, We Have A Future. In Morse code that reads: .–  ./….  .-  …-  ./.-/..-.  ..-  –  ..-  .-.  ./

Similarly, the right side of the video has transparent overlays of video with a hand holding a cigarette. The video of the hand has also been manipulated with pink and green tinted frames to display Morse code. Pink represents a dot, green represents a dash. The message displayed says, I Refuse To Love You. In Morse code that reads: .—/.-.  .  ..-.  ..-  …  ./-  —/.-..  —  …-  ./-.–  —  ..-/

Note: Slashes represent the end of the word when writing in Morse code.